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An app to beat loneliness – chat, be kind, find kindness, make new friends!

We all feel lonely sometimes. There are moments, when you are stuck in your head, or bored, and just want to talk to somebody.
Daily Therapy is a free chat app that helps you to (virtually) meet new people: just set the parameters, and chat with people in your area! A good conversation beats loneliness, and can lead to friendship, or even more.
It is free and will always be!

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Every time you open Daily Therapy app, you will see, that you are not alone.
Daily Therapy is not a dating app, it is more for chats with other lonely people. But conversations can lead to friendships, or even love. Who knows? The world is a beautiful place, full of beautiful souls.
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    Creating your own personal account is simple, you just need to answer a few questions, and upload a photo or two.
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    Just one tap, and you can start using Daily Therapy immediately.
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    Have great conversation with people, who live in your area! Two lonely souls finding each other – and none of you have to be lonely again.
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    Daily Therapy is about giving and receiving kindness. Never forget this: give as much love as you can.
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    There is no better way to beat loneliness then talking to people every day.

About us

In the community of Daily Therapy, we listen empathically to each other, practice the understanding and the kindness. We don’t give advices, don’t want to change each other’s mind. We just listen, accept and support the others.
We believe in the strength of the community, empathy, and reciprocity: one helps the other, then the other helps the one. Together we can stop being lonely, and we can override bad habits. With changing ourselves, we can change the world, making it a better place that is full of love.

Whenever you feel lonely, use Daily Therapy, to talk to somebody.
Whenever you feel social, use Daily Therapy, and help somebody to beat their loneliness!
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Daily Therapy free chat app helps you to
share your thoughts Sometimes we have opinions or problems that we don’t want to share with our friends or families. Telling it to a complete stranger can help to clear your head.
Daily Therapy free chat app helps you to
beat loneliness It is hard to make new friends, find a soulmate, or fall in love. With Daily Therapy you can meet exciting, new people in your neighborhood.